Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Resolutions 2010

From the beginning of understanding what a resolution was, and how I was to write them down for reference, I have done just so.

January 1, 1988- Age 12
Dearest me,
I need to lose 10 pounds. I want to weigh 100 pounds by February 1st. I want my hair to be straight, and to say my prayers every night. I will read 1 chapter of scriptures every day. I will be more patiant(SIC) with my Brother and stupid sisters. Only if they leave me alone and quite(SIC) stealing my clothes and stay out of my room. I need a lock.
Eat good food
Listen in Sunday School
Be a better friend.
Save my money
Pay my tithing
buy a bike.
exersise(SIC) every day
Learn better basketball
See the Utah Jazz play for real at the Salt palace.

Love, Me

January 1,1992 Age 16

Dearest me,
This year I need to lose 20 pounds. I also want to become a better b-ball player and get nice and fit. I need to get my license,so get a better job! Also, how can I straighten my hair? Find out. Read your scriptures girlie! Every day, no excuses! Help Mom, even when your tired. How about a boyfriend? Ha. Pray always, even when you think no one is listening. Wash your face everyday!

January 1,2003 Age 28

Wow, New years again! In March we will have our 4th and final baby, a girl. So, my annual weight loss goal will have to " weight" haha. I am going to enjoy this baby, and not rush the small things. I will spend more quality time with each child, and instill in them a sense of belonging. Find their unique talents and help them develop them more. Don;t worry so much about how messy the house is girl. Your babies won't remember if the piano was dusted when they were growing up, but they will remember if you stopped to make cookies with them......

January 1, 2004 age 29

Sooooo. Um, yeah. I just read last years New Years Resolutions. We had that baby girl and named her Delaney Grace. She was a bit early. She will turn 1 February 21st, just in time to help welcome the 5th surprise baby girl due April 1st. Is that a coincidence? I'm struggling here!
April fools? So, lose 2 babies worth of weight this year with 2 babies 14 months apart or so. Keep the other kids alive and fed.That's all I can do this year. Love, Me

So, a trend eh? That last baby did come....early. Delaney and Sophie were 12 months apart. I suppose the beauty of a new beginning is just that...a new start to change bad habits that may have resurfaced, a chance to put things back into perspective. A new year somehow equals what it implies; NEWNESS. CHANGE. GROWTH.

So here it is, Christi's annual New Years Resolutions 2010:

Dearest Me,
Don't worry, just be happy my dear. Be happy:) Love, YOU.


Melissa said...

LOL love it! And SO TRUE! We are always trying to change who we are and it should be enough to just be healthy and happy!

Stephanie said...

I love it. That's pretty much all we need, isn't it.
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